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18 December 2013

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on trend

on trend

Year 13 students Ezekiel Crawford and Josh Barkle are now business partners, selling a range of T-shirts with hand-drawn prints at affordable prices under the label Theism Co.

1.How did your label come about?

Crawford: It was a spontaneous decision overnight where Josh saw a potential in my designs to be on more than just paper.

Barkle: It just fell into place and we just went over the top in our thinking. One thing led to another, the next thing you know we were looking at screen printing and now we have the business.

2.How would you describe your pieces?

Crawford: I view our brand as an option other than today’s hipster style that is self-created through quality hand-drawn designs and monochromatic imagery. We put all of our time into quality hand-drawn designs, which are then transferred to computer where they are edited ready to print.

3. What does your collection say about summer?

Crawford: Our brand isn’t determined by seasons. Rather than basing our trends on seasonal changes our pieces are created by urban influences such as music, art and film.

4. What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

Barkle: The ideas and the detail in the Illuminati print is what makes it favourable to me. Plus it’s a sick design.

Crawford: The Ying Yang koi print is my favourite. It’s actually a really personal design for me. I was going to get it for a tattoo but we decided it would make a rad print.

5. What’s the price point?

$35-$40 across the whole range.

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