The following people have expressed an interest in attending the reunion. If you would like to get in touch with anyone on this list, please contact Suzanne on [email protected]

Ainsley Robson
Dr. Tim Smithells
Barbara Chamberlain
Bev Johnson
Bev McCarthy
Brian Neville
Carole Mai
Craig Hardman
David Hollingsworth
Diana Plant
Garth Littlejohn
Grant Lander
Helen Bradford
Helene Oehley
Hugh Barton
Jan Neville
Jim Baker
John Lloyd
John Oehley
Judy Shaw
Kay Etheredge
Ken Francis
Margaret Bruce
Michael Lawrence
Mike Rameka
Mike Shaw
Pat Plant
Patrick Chamberlain
Paul Wilson
Peter Gilbert
Peter Hampton
Peter Rickman (Reverend)
Richard Morris
Richard Reynolds (also Board member)
Robin Bayley
Roz Baker
Stephen Cole
Susan Lawrence
Vic Matthews