Welcome back your Collegian friends

We recently had an event where a group of Collegian cricketers reconnected prior to the event and as a result a large number of the team returned together to the school. We know that Collegians are most likely to return for an event when they come with friends and we also know that once they return, they pick up their friendships where they left them, twenty, ten, five or even fifty years ago.

Here are some tips on how to welcome back your friends with you:

  • Identify a small group that you want to reconnect with eg: a sports team, house year-group, prefect group etc
  • Request contact details for your group members and copies of photos of your group from the Collegians office
  • Reach out to that group via social media, email, phone etc. Create group discussion about school memories and share photos
  • Make a plan to come to the reunion together
  • Follow up with everyone again, including those who haven't yet responded, and let the group know 'who is coming so far'